Our People

PICO Guards recognizes that good employees are the foundation of our business. We have built an enviable reputation for providing highly trained, motivated and reliable security personnel.

Our selective recruitment process ensures a workforce that is professional, reliable and responsive. Each Protection Officer presents himself/herself in a professional manner and will don our company uniform and carry the equipment he/she needs.

To instill professionalism and personal integrity in all our personnel, we embrace these values and work ethics:

  • Strive for quality and excellence in everything that we do
  • Foster a “can do” attitude by working with commitment and enthusiasm
  • Take personal and team ownership

We support our officers and supervisors through pro-active actions, weekly meetings at all levels, training programs and thorough assessment. In this way, we build a solid team that anticipates and meets our clients’ needs and expectations.

PICO Guard Protection Officer are trained and experienced in dealing with the fire, intruders, theft, shoplifting, vandalism, public safety and criminal intents and acts. 
We monitor our officers to ensure the strict adherence to our internal policies and provide annual re-training for our officers to stay abreast of industry happenings and practices to deliver smart solutions to our clients.