30 January 2017 | pico

JTC conducted its Emergency Response Plan (Ground Deployment Exercise) at F2 

Would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to the C&W team at F2 for their support and coordination, to ensure the smooth running of the GDX. Credit goes out to all in C&W (managers, WSHO, and technicians) and PICO guards for the collective effort.

Special mention for the below personnel for going the extra mile and contributed tremendously to the success of the exercise:

1) Kamari: Main point of contact between site team, SPF and JTC. Painstakingly reviewed through all SOPs, administrative preparation, role play rehearsals and planning before the exercise.

2) Stephen: Overall command and control of F2 and for performing the role of SIC.

3) Sean: Though being new to F2 as FSM, he has shown great commitment in the planning process of the proposed fire drill/GDX, and for the fast reaction when fire drill is cancelled (inform tenants, alternative plans for tenant staff movement to office, etc.)


We are proud to have C&W as our esteemed FMC partner in one-north and for the professionalism of your staff.

Please help us convey our appreciation to all involved. Thanks!


Derrick Ong

Deputy Director