Jet Aviation

15 July 2019 | pico

I am the pilot of a Gulfstream G280 (N308KB). While the aircraft is based in Subang, we come to Jet Aviation Singapore to have maintenance work done on a regular basis. Our aircraft was recently AOG and spent 2 weeks in Singapore and therefore I had to visit JA frequently.

 I would like to highlight that coming in to JA every other day had been a pleasant experience being greeted by Mr Omar and Ms June. Even when I come in without prior appointment, Mr Omar would be very patient and assist me in getting in touch with the relevant JA staff and facilitating the change of pass. There have been a number of times I had forgotten to sign on the visitor record and he would always remind me with a smile. While Mr Omar is a contractor, he is the very first touch point when a client comes into the JA building and therefore contributes to the overall impression of JA’s image. This level of professionalism and dedication is not common nowadays and I am highlighting this now because of poor experiences with customer services I have had with other aviation organisations.


Thank you for your time.


Chun Siu, Leong