Security Technology

PICO Guards provides customized security solutions with a focus on using technology to cater to customers’ requirements. We have also upgraded our security operation with technology.
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Security Technology

PICO Guards provides customized security solutions with a focus on using technology to cater to customers’ requirements.

We have also upgraded our security operation with technology.

The security industry has been changing rapidly.

It is no longer merely physical guarding, having officer patrolling the premises or standing at the gate, but rather adopting smart technology to alert officers and enabling our officers to be more effective, vigilant and productive.

Physical Security Information Management

PICO Guards has been rolling out the Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) system, with multi-service orchestration platform which integrates data from smart operations including streams of video analytics, hundreds of sensors and thousands of CCTVs. The sensors include fire alarms, lift fault sensors and emergency call points for timely detection of incidents or safety risks. Our PSIM system can then be used to coordinate recovery efforts and swiftly respond to these incidents.

Key System Integration:

• Fire Protection
• Fire Intercom System
• Decentralization Monitoring
• Lift & Escalator
• Public Address System
• Intruder Alarm
• Gateway & EM-Locks
• Mechanical Ventilation System.

Remote Surveillance Monitoring

PICO Guards is able to pipe all CCTVs at client’s premises back to Pico’s Command Centre. With 24 hours of vigilance and remote monitoring, there will be room for little to no human error. With onsite security technology implementations and remote monitoring in place, PICO Guards command centre will oversee the site security, thus eliminating the need for additional security officer. The remote monitoring will increase client’s oversight, ensure consistency in security management and reliability in surveillance operation.

Some Activities to monitor:

• Suspicious personnels or vehicles;
• Production/warehouse monitoring (worker wear PPE, H&S, area cleanliness, machine maintenance, etc.)
• Fence monitoring
• Temper & Aggression
• Congestion & Crowds
• Fire & Medical Emergency
• Others

Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System is a critical component within the suite of security access control solutions implementation. Our system gives clients the ability to know exactly who entered their building premises, when, and why.

The use of such system is the key to greater information view visibility by helping the security management to register, facilitate and monitor the entire duration of every single new visitor’s visit, from the initial check-in registration process, right to the departure of the visitor when his appointment has ended.

Key Features:

• Pre-register by host and send e-mail invitation to visitors
• Visitor Classification
• Unlimited visitors
• Visitor label printing
• Manual and express check-out
• Full visitor information ownership and admin control
• Reports in excel format
• Additional Features (Facial recognition, passport OCR, Health declaration, etc.)

Electronic Key Management System

Electronic Key Management System (EKMS) is an embedded web-based key management system that controls and tracks the movement of keys in buildings and facilities to ensure that security will not be compromised.

Without requiring continual manual monitoring, EKMS is easy extremely to maintain and built with quality materials to withstand damage due to regular use or tampering. PICO’s Key Management System (EKMS) provides highly secured monitoring and control of information over the Wide Area Network (WAN). EKMS is user friendly and suitable for use in wide field of sectors, including banking, education, entertainment, government, healthcare and retail industry etc.

Key Benefits:

• Enhance accountability & security
• Eliminate manual recording/tracking
• Increased productivity
• Centralized auditing and monitoring
• Efficient tracking of keys

Intelligent Security Robot

Our security robots provide indoor and outdoor security services for places such as industrial park, residential community. They are equipped with autonomous navigation, mobile surveillance, autonomous obstacle avoidance, alarm, fixed point snapshot and many more.

Overall, the security robot assists human security guard to perform security patrolling tasks with improved efficiency, by monitoring key areas in real time and preventing threats to security guards.

Key Features:

• 360°HD Mobile Video Surveillance
• Autonomous Cruise
• HD Night Vision
• WiFi Connection
• Remote Monitoring
• Automatic Obstacle Avoidance
• HCI (Human Computer Interaction)*
• Temperature Detection
• Motion Detection
• Smog Detection

Alarm Monitoring

PICO Guards Panic Button System uses the extremely high-quality mobile alarm button unit with long-range receiving station for sending alarm SMS. The button which is installed or carry by the Security personnel and this button signal can integrated to standalone localized system or multiple stations.
PICO Guards operates 24-hour alarm monitoring centers, with officers on standby to respond promptly to any exigency, when received alarm signal or SMS.

Key Features:

• Panic Alarms.
• Arming and disarming of monitored Security Systems.
• Hardware Fault Detection.
• False alarm reduction.
• Multichannel, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology – to overcome frequency blocking and interference

Virtual Patrol Technology

The technology is deployed either on premise or remotely to improve the productivity of Security Professionals through the use of proactive detection and digital surveillance, to complement the conventional patrolling that requires physical walking the ground.

Some of the benefits:

75% reduction in manhours required to perform physical patrol, saving manhour cost and fast ROI applicable for all security contracts.

5 Seconds to generate a patrol report, complete with an audit trail of all responses captured by the operator together with relevant qualitative feedback.

Call us now, to have a free consultation on virtual patrol technology implementation and security manpower optimization.


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